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Application, system, and software development requires much more than just technical skill. It is true that current technologies and development tools have been inaccessible to the �passerby� for some time now; the world of custom development in Information Technology has its own �manufacturing� process and environment. Intelligent Systems consulting has the experience and expertise to help your organization be successful, from providing Project Management to supplementing a project team, to accepting full start-to-finish responsibility for the entire project and its resources and deadlines.

Technical Expertise
Intelligent Systems Consulting provides a full complement of experienced professionals whose skills levels are not only marked by certifications, but also evidenced by their professional accomplishments. Through a mix of full-time employees and long-time subcontractors, Intelligent Systems Consulting can provide many years' experience with the tools and languages from major market players (Microsoft, IBM, Sun, and Oracle) as well as a wide variety of other tools and packaged solutions (Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Management, Portals, etc.).

Project Management
An essential component to every project, regardless of size, Project Management can determine the success (or failure) of an effort. Effective Project Management involves a certain amount of skill in the project's technologies, but, more importantly, requires an aptitude for organization and planning; estimating; personnel supervisory, mentoring and management; facilitation; leadership; risk management; scope control; quality assurance expertise; scope control; and the list goes on�. Project Management is both an art and a science, and it takes experience to do it well. Intelligent Systems Consulting has that experience.

Formal methodology
The Information Technology and Software Development industries are replete with best practices, methodologies, frameworks, etc. Intelligent Systems Consulting has the background and experience to bring structure to any project and to make it successful. In fact, one of the things Intelligent Systems Consulting does well is to take advantage of these proven practices and specifically apply them to each project's unique situation in order to facilitate and accelerate project success, rather than to introduce unnecessary work.

Vision/Scope Definition & Control
Successful projects must be well grounded with a vision and goals that are grounded in real business needs. And then it is important to ensure that, throughout the project, focus is maintained on those very goals. While the entire project team has a shared vision of the desired outcome � someone must always be at the helm - let it be Intelligent Systems Consulting!